Curriculum vitae

NameJan Henning Thorsen
Birthdate24th of February, 1983
ResidenceTokyo, Japan
LanguagesNorwegian and English

Work career

2018-Braves: Chief Technology Officer
2016-2018Reisegiganten: Backend developer and web monkey. Core focus on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
2011-2016Telenor: System developer and system designer. Core focus on router automation and web development.
2007-2011Redpill Linpro: Consultant and system developer.
2004-2007Eidolon A/S: Software developer and web designer. Supporting customers, with question regarding cable networks and DOCSIS.
2002-2005Montér Tvedestrand: Sales consultant.
2002-2004Grimstad Kabel-TV: Software developer and web designer.
1999-2001Laget Byggsenter / Fiane Byggshop: Knowledge with materials and customer attention.


2003-2006Bachelor degree in telecommunication, Høyskolen i Agder. Honours degree in telecommunication: “EuroDOCSIS 2.0, how it works and specification”.
2001Further education course in electronics, Arendal Maritime.
2000Basic course in general electronics, Risør Videregånde Skole.
1990-1999Elementary school, completed at Tvedestrand Ungdomskole.

Knowledge base

I’ve studied these topics in both personal and work relations:

Web technologies


  • Core member in the Mojolicious realtime web framework.
  • Number of libraries on CPAN.




  • Interested in delivering quality products. Quality to me, means readable code, good test coverage and structured documentation.
  • My second language is JavaScript. I would very much like to get more familiar with NodeJS in the backend.
  • I like to be involved in system design. I’m good at seeing small changes, that have big impact.
  • Passion for open source. I have a hard time seeing myself work with (only) closed technologies.
  • Git – Version control system.
  • Ansible – System automation.
  • OpenAPI – The World’s Most Popular Framework for APIs.
  • Given talks on various programming related topics.


Personal interests

My main interest is programming, both in frontend and backend. I like to learn new things about API design, but also design principles regarding frontend development. I also like to take a walk, jog or go skiing. Whenever I can, I travel to meet new people and experience new places.