Hei! hēi

I live and breathe web technologies. I have about a hundred projects on Github, many libraries for developers, but also some web applications and command line tools. My two most successful libraries are JSON Validator, and the accommodating OpenAPI module.

Want to know more about me? Check out my curriculum vitae or have a look at my projects below. Want to get in touch? Send me an email or choose another option from my contact page.


Convos A browser based IRC client

Mojopaste - A pastebin

Convos is an IRC client that runs in your browser and brings the IRC experience into the 21st century. It features a persistent bouncer on the server side that will keep you online even after you close your browser window.

Proxy For URL An online PAC file tester

Proxy For URL is a tool for testing proxy auto-config JavaScript function that determines whether browser requests go directly to the destination or are forwarded to a web proxy server.

Mojopaste A pastebin

Mojopaste - A pastebin

Mojopaste is a pastebin application. There are about one million of these out there, but if you need to run something internally at work or you just fancy having your own pastebin, this is your application.

CPAN Test Report A frontend for cpan test reports

Cpan Test Report is a web page where you can search for CPAN Testers reports by module, distribution or author and see test reports created by cpantesters.org.

Timekeeper A shareable timer

Timekeeper is a web app for creating shareable timers. Simply copy and paste the URL in your browser to a friend or coworker after setting a timer.

Frank Thorsen My dad’s website

My dad wrote a book, and this page is about him and his book.

Other projects