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Reasons for choosing Mojolicious


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Good day fellow monks,

I am starting a new project, with a clean slate, this is a wonderful and rare delight.

I need to create a back end web service and being a man of the times, I plan to use a REST style API.

The back end needs to provide User Signup, User Authentication, Order creation, Payment, Job Acceptance and Geolocation of assets.

There will be more, but that’s some of the main features. I do not have to write it in Perl, but that is where I know my way the best, so I am minded to make it so.

I have started looking at Mojolicious, but then thought I’d back up a step and ask for some advice.

Is Perl still a good language to use, or am I a dinosaur? Is Mojolicious a good way to build a REST service What other frameworks would you folk recommend I look at Does anyone know of a nice open source project providing some set of the above features, that could get me started? Any other warnings or guidance from those with experience in REST Many thanks for your time


Reason for choosing Mojolicious

I would go for Mojolicious. It’s a very modern framework that keeps up with the specifications of the web. To me, one of the killer features is that it supports a non-blocking environment. This means that you can spin up one process and serve thousands of requests simultaneously. When that is said, non-blocking might be a bit alien in the beginning, so Mojolicious support standard blocking programming as well.

Another great feature is the ecosystem: There’s a bunch of Mojolicious extensions on cpan, and there’s also written quite a few Mojo based projects as well. Here are the modules I use the most frequent:

User Signup / authentication

There’s a lot of authentication modules on CPAN, but here is a short list, just to give an idea of some of the projects that exists:

Order creation

I guess any any ORM or just Mojo::Pg / ::mysql directly will help you out. Also, Mojolicious has an awesome validation built in.


You can use any of the payment modules on CPAN, but here are two projects I’ve written:

The good thing about both of those is that they are non-blocking from the ground up. The bad thing is that they don’t do more than what I needed at the time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I would also recommend going with Their service is very simple to work with.

Job Acceptance

Not sure if you’re talking about an object in your backend model or if you’re asking for a job queue… If the latter, Mojo has your back:

Geolocation of assets

I think I would simply put my application behind and use their geolocation feature. In addition to being a CDN, they add headers with geo information, before sending it to your backend.


The Swagger project and the Mojolicious plugin makes it a breeze to create RESTful interfaces with input/output validation. You can read more about it in my blog post.


You could have a look at It does OAuth2, payment and has it’s own model to a postgres backend, using Mojo::Pg.


I think Mojolicious is a great web framework. If I would choose any other, I would probably go for a node or go based framework.

I also don’t think “R” is a dinosaur for choosing Perl. Perl is indeed live and kicking and will be for many years ahead.