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Here are the latest blog posts I’ve written. My plan is to write entries more frequent in the future, but often actual hacking comes in the way.

YAPC::Europe::2007 Vienna

30th of August, 2007

YAPC::Europe::2007 was a blast! I can’t really put my finger on what was the best, because it was all good. I really recommend every Perl-programmer out there to come to next years YAPC in Denmark/Copenhagen.I had a talk this year as well (Operator overloading, one of the magicks of Perl), but I wasn’t any happy …

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YAPC::Europe::2006 Birmingham

4th of September, 2006

Hello peeps. It’s been a while now, but I finally got some spare time to communicate with the world again… I’ve been to the YAPC::Europe this week, and I must say it was quite fun — or at least the time I actually spent in Birmingham. Read more in my diary.

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7th of March, 2006

I’ve managed to get Xgl to work! (Special thanks to DavidK-64 for A: telling me about Xgl It’s really amazing, you just got to see for yourself to get the real impression. The compiz manager features Wobbling windows, transparancy, a new “switcher” and a whole lot more. I’m truly speachless. This is the best eye-candy …

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19th of February, 2006

I’m done writing the code for SNMP::Effective now. It has show to be quite promising after some tests: 4000 hosts in 50 seconds is quite better than what I had with a previous module. I’m hoping to release SNMP::Effective on CPAN, later this year. But first I need to complete eAdmin 2.0 In the meanwhile, …

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