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Here are the latest blog posts I’ve written. My plan is to write entries more frequent in the future, but often actual hacking comes in the way.

Xperia X10 mini

12th of July, 2010

So I’ve been using my X10 mini for ten days now, and it has been quite a bumpy ride: Last weekend I had to charge it about every six/eight hour. I have to admit that I did use it a lot in the beginning, but i was still shocked to see how bad the battery …

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Online DOCSIS config file editor

18th of September, 2009

I’ve written an online DOCSIS config file editor which (of course) can be used to generate config files for equipment that follow the DOCSIS specification. The frontend is written using Catalyst, and the “backend” use DOCSIS::ConfigFile, meaning the whole thing is powered by Perl. (The frontend will soon support “shared secret”, which the backend already …

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10th of September, 2009

I’ve written a module I think is rather useful: CatalystX::Controller::Sugar. This module (will hopefully) make chained actions be your default when writing a controller in Catalyst. I remember when I first started looking at Catalyst – I didn’t see the reason for doing chained actions, and I certainly didn’t understand how they worked. I still …

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9th of September, 2009

I must say I enjoy getting rt-tickets. “Why?”, you might ask. Well, It’s probably the only way I can actually know that someone use, or has tried to use a module I’ve written. The bad (if you can call it bad) thing about getting a ticket is that it’s rather critical that it gets fixed. …

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Line noise: parentheses

1st of June, 2009

I’ve been discussing how bad perl code looks and I’m a bit surprised: I consider () more noisy than $, %, @ and friends, while the people I discuss this with, really likes parentheses. Consider this: push(@text, sprintf(‘I got %i foos’, int(shift(@{ $obj->get_foo() })))); Versus: push @text, sprintf ‘I got %i foos’, int shift @{ …

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Wow, Moose is cool!

30th of May, 2009

I was introducing Moose (and perl oo) to a java guy the other day, and he replied: “No, shit. Is that possible?”, “Now I understand the fuzz about multiple inheritance” and “Wow, Moose is cool!”. I must confess: It brings comfort to my heart to hear a Java guy talk down on his own language, …

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Which name to pick?

12th of May, 2009

I’m writing a new module, which is currently named “Net::DHCPd”. It’s not a good name imo, since Net::DHCPd sounds more like a module that actually is a dhcp server, which mine is not. This is what it can, or is supposed to support in the future: Interact with ISC DHCPd Start/stop/restart the daemon Parse and …

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Multimedia updates (partially old news)

25th of May, 2008

I’ve been enjoying xbox mediacenter on my xbox 1.x for several years now and I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to install it on my htpc as well. This is because the xbmc-team has ported it to Windows, Mac and Linux. To my big surprise I was able to install the Linux port through Ubuntu‘s package …

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More perl modules

6th of May, 2008

I’m working on some more perl-modules now: YAML::Object and POE::Component::TFTPd. I’ve also fixed some issues with SNMP::Effective, and written a new implementation, that uses Net::SNMP instead of SNMP. The YAML-module is a result of bad typing: I’m quite sick of doing $config->{typoo}{key}. YAML::Object enables you to use method notation, so the above would become $config->typoo->key, …

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Fixed overscan

13th of January, 2008

I’ve been googling for quite som time now, and finally I found settings that works for my 720p DFP. I don’t think the specs are important, but I’ll list them anyway: Ubuntu 7.10 xserver-xorg 7.2 nvidia-glx 1.0.9639 Plasma TV 720p / 1080i xorg.conf Section “Monitor” Identifier “Generic Monitor” ModeLine “720p” 74.5 1216 1272 1400 1664 …

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