Wow, Moose is cool!

30th of May, 2009

I was introducing Moose (and perl oo) to a java guy the other day, and he replied: “No, shit. Is that possible?”, “Now I understand the fuzz about multiple inheritance” and “Wow, Moose is cool!”.

I must confess: It brings comfort to my heart to hear a Java guy talk down on his own language, but it’s even sweeter to hear something nice about perl.

But back to the topic: What was so cool about Moose? The short answer is Moose::Role. I had a hard time understanding roles, and the usage for them, but after getting the short answer “You use roles to build your classes, and your classes to build objects” – it suddenly got a lot clearer to me.

Roles to build classes, ey? Yes, instead of putting functionality in different packages, and inheriting from them, you write roles and consume their functionality in a class, which imho gives me a lot cleaner interface.

I try to look at Roles like something like this:

package Foo;

But of course there’s a lot more sugar to it in “Mooseland” 🙂